My life is in songs. Even my mother used to sing me some traditional folk songs and hymns, when I was a kid. And a grandfather sitting in his rocking chair singing hymns for comfort. As a teenager in the campfire – a man and a guitar. Leppilampi and Löytty – Dylan and Cash. Folk songs, ballads, hymns ja pop – missing, romantic, religion, love and making the world better place . U2 – as a lighthouse of faith and hope. But always there has been the sound of blues for me.

Humble House is a one man`s factory. Small, poor and independent record label. The spark of enthusiasm for producing music set on fire thanks to the singer-songwriters. Petri Keinonen and Timo ”Otto” Salo with their songs, strong vision and faith for the power of music were the prelude for this story to begin. Already in 1999 Humble House was able to release Jaakko Löytty`s ja Jukka Leppilampi`s albums. The chariots of songs started to swing and hundreds of songs flowed to the universe – to touch and to tell stories.

A way of the songs from demo to album is a exciting journey, which I have been able to be with so many times. I have met many brilliant songwriters, artists ja amazing musicians. Over the years music business has gone through tremendous changes. Selling albums has come down and the latest technology is possible for anyone. Today`s reality is that the listeners are using digital platforms to listen music, and that has been a challenge for the traditional record companies. On the other hand, now it`s possible for anyone to produce music by themselves and there is a way for small companies also produce music and introduce some new singer-songwriters, songs and albums.


Humble House Records

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